U.S. Consumers ‘Discover’ Jackfruit

Fresh Plaza is an online publisher of news concerning the global fresh produce industry. An article it ran this week reports that consumers around the U.S. are discovering what we in southern Florida have known for a long time: Jackfruit is really good to eat! Richard Lyons’ Nursery has been growing jackfruit for over a decade, and we look forward to the upcoming season. Normally production in our area begins in May, but this year’s warmer-than-normal winter may mean an earlier start. Meanwhile, enjoy Fresh Plaza’s article on the burgeoning interest in jackfruit.

Increase in demand as a meat substitute and good nutritional value

Jackfruit trend is good news for Mexican growers importing into the USA

Good news for jackfruit growers in Mexico. Not only does their proximity mean better pricing than overseas imports, but it seems like it’s approaching trend status, with many types of customers in North America.
Within the last few weeks several articles have been published, including Kansascity.com’s recent piece about the “jackfruit craze”. It has great applications as a meat substitute for vegetarians and those in foodservice who cater to them.
Last Friday Luis Enrique Garcia of It’s Montse Fruit Inc. was in Nayarit on the Pacific Coast of Mexico negotiating prices for jackfruit. “Right now the prices are a little higher because it’s the beginning of the season and supply is low,” he said. “All of the growers seem to be happy with the import projections for this year. The jackfruit market keeps going up. There’s more demand every year.” He says US customers are learning more about its nutritional value and since it’s proving to be a good meat substitute he says, “The market will only get bigger every year.”
It’s already meant that growers have been increasing their acreages of jackfruit, some at the expense of other commodities. “A lot of the growers in Mexico are taking down other fruit trees and replacing with jackfruit because it makes more business sense.” This is a huge jackfruit success, considering that just recently, in the late 80’s, Mr. Robert Brown introduced the first jackfruit trees in this region and Carlos Sanchez exported the first truckload of jackfruit in 1992.
Over the next few weeks Garcia will be importing two to three truckloads from Mexico each week, and similar load quantities will also arrive from other businesses and he estimates an overall 20- 30 truckloads will be coming into the USA during the peak season.
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