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Nodding Glorybower Shrub

Clerodendrum wallichii, also known as the Nodding Glorybower shrub or Bridal Veil, is a unique member of the genus Clerodendrum. It can be grown in partial shade and can attain a height of 7 feet. It is a fall/winter bloomer with fragrant white flowers on a 1 to 2 foot pendulous flower spike. The flowers…
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November 5, 2023 0

Golden Thryallis Shrub

Galphimia gracilis is a shrub native to Central America and northern South America. It is commonly grown in South Florida in full sun to partial shade attaining a height of 6-10′ and equally as wide. It blooms throughout the summer and into the fall months with bright yellow star shaped flowers on 6″ flower spikes.…
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October 8, 2023 0

Pride of Barbados

Caesalpinia pulcherrima is the national flower of the Caribbean Island of Barbados. This small tree or large shrub can reach a height of 8-12′ and blooms all summer long and into the fall in South Florida. The most common flower color is reddish orange. However, there is a cultivar of solid yellow and one of…
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October 1, 2023 0

Mussaenda or Flag Bush

Most people know this plant by its botanical genus name, Mussaenda. However, there is a common name for this plant which is not used very often and that is Flag Bush. Mussaenda is a genus of shrubs in the Rubiaceae Family (the Coffee Family) with very showy enlarged floral sepals which surround the true flower.…
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September 24, 2023 0

Mexican Petunia

Ruellia brittoniana is a perennial plant in South Florida forming a dense clump attaining a height of 3-4′. A lot of gardeners shy away from this plant due to its invasive nature. However, I submit that some invasive plants can be a positive and this is one of those. It is an excellent nectar source…
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September 17, 2023 0