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Desert Cassia

Senna polyphylla occurs from Puerto Rico to The Virgin Islands.  It is a very popular landscape tree in South Florida due to its small weeping form, attaining a height of 6-15′ and a spread of 6-10′ wide.  It is also drought tolerant and moderately salt tolerant making it a good tree for xeriscapes.  Its small leaves…
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December 10, 2023 0

Verawood Tree

Bulnesia arborea is a tree with a spreading, rounded growth habit, which creates dense shade under its canopy.  Over time the canopy becomes wider than the overall height of the tree which can obtain a height of 20-30 feet.  It has shiny dark green pinnately compound leaves composed of 7-14 pairs of leaflets.  It produces brilliant…
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August 13, 2023 0

Rainbow Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus deglupta is probably the fastest growing tree in the South Florida landscape and perhaps the largest as well. Once established this tree can grow up to 6′ per year and reach a height of 60′ or more with a 3-4′ diameter trunk. What gives this tree its colorful name is the peeling bark which…
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June 25, 2023 0

Curry Leaf Tree

The Curry Leaf Tree (Murraya koenigii) is a small tree 6-15′ from India and Sri Lanka. It tends to sucker from its surface roots giving it a shrubbier look than a single trunk tree. Most people don’t realize it is a member of the Citrus Family (Rutaceae). It produces small clusters of fragrant white flowers…
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May 28, 2023 0

Horseradish Tree

Moringa oleifera is an excellent shade tree for South Florida attaining a height of 30-40′. However, its flowers and leaves are edible and have become popular with the health craze. The leaves and flowers can be steamed and have a high amount of protein, calcium, iron and vitamins B12 and C. The leaves are also…
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April 23, 2023 0