Oriental Fruit Fly Quarantine May Soon End

Growers in Miami-Dade County are beginning to show some optimism concerning the outbreak of Oriental fruit fly. That’s because the quarantine is within weeks of being lifted. The Oriental fruit fly is one of the most aggressive fruit flies known … Continue reading

Winter Rains Taking a Toll on Plants in Our Region

A month ago in this space, we reported our expectation that plants being grown in southern Florida would be prone to disease problems if the unusual pattern of significant winter rainfall were to continue. Well, the pattern has continued, and … Continue reading

IFAS Publication Raises Concerns About Effects of El Niño

The UF-IFAS/Miami-Dade County Extension Office – IFAS for short – publishes a very interesting and informative quarterly newsletter, Miami Green Bytes. Among subjects addressed in the Winter 2015 issue is the influence of El Niño, which so far is more … Continue reading

Florida Citrus Continues Its Alarming Decline

“It’s essentially in free fall.” That’s what Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam had to say about the state’s citrus industry this week when the USDA reported it had adjusted the orange-harvest forecast for Florida downward for the second straight month. … Continue reading

Another Update to the Sad Story of Citrus

Richard Lyons’ Nursery has tried to keep readers abreast of developments with respect to the health of citrus in Florida. We’re sorry to report that the latest information from the state’s Department of Agriculture, as well as industry sources, is … Continue reading