Ficus microcarpa (Green Island Ficus)

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Ficus microcarpa (Green Island Ficus)

September 1, 2012 Did You Know? Flowering Shrubs Ground Covers 0

In our part of the world, the genus Ficus has gotten a rather mixed reputation, primarily because some species have aggressive root systems than can raise sidewalks, crack foundations and clog underground pipes.  But not all of the 800 or so species of this genus present such risks.  One that is especially useful in the landscape of southern Florida is Ficus microcarpa ‘Green Island’, a very attractive shrub that grows slowly and benignly here.  It is known for its friendly roots.  Its glossy green leaves have lots of ornamental appeal, and it neither requires frequent watering nor is particular about soil type.  Left alone, it will reach 8 ft. in height, but with periodic shearing it can be maintained as a nice ground cover.  The Green Island Ficus is even capable of being grown as a house plant or as a Bonsai specimen.

Please drop by the nursery and evaluate the Green Island Ficus first-hand.  We have them in 3- and 15-gallon containers.


Ficus microcarpa (Green Island Ficus 6-7′ unpruned hedge)

Ficus microcarpa (Green Island Ficus 4′ pruned hedge)

Ficus microcarpa (Green Island Ficus 6-12″ groundcover)

Ficus microcarpa (Green Island Ficus bonsai)