Under The Jakfruit Tree

Today, ‘Under The Jakfruit Tree, will actually be about Jakfruit trees.  No matter how you spell it, Jakfruit or Jackfruit, it is the largest fruit that grows on a tree in the world.  It is native to India, but it has been cultivated throughout Southeast Asia and right here in our own backyard of South Florida. The fruit grows on the trunks of the trees and old growth branches. While most fruit weighs an average of 20-40 pounds, there has been fruit weighing in at 100 pounds. August is the peak month for ripe Jackfruit, but green fruit, used in cooking, can be harvested as early as May and June.

Richard Lyons Nursery currently has many fruits on the trees in various stages, so stop on by and marvel at how large this fruit can be.

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