Under The Jakfruit Tree

Just a little blurb about a tree that until today, I was not aware was in Richard Lyons Nursery’s inventory. When I was looking for a tree for a customer, I noticed clusters of red berries on a couple of small trees. Upon closer scrutiny, I discovered two Dahoon Holly trees (Ilex cassine) in 7 gallon containers. This native holly, virtually occurs statewide with the exception of the Florida Keys. It grows in wet shady sites and is moderately salt tolerant. This tree can reach 20-30 feet with an 8-12 foot spread, but usually is much smaller as a landscape tree. The bright red holly berries are quite conspicuous, ripening in fall and persisting throughout the winter.

With the amount of berries present on these 2 trees in the nursery, we will be planting them, so Richard Lyons Nursery can have small plants to select from in the near future.

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