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Under The Jakfruit Tree

I took a ride around the nursery this morning and quickly realized South Florida ‘winter’ has quickly given way to summer. It seems spring got swept away in global warming. Perhaps there is still time to get back to more seasonal temperatures as March quickly approaches. Anyway, I did see the spectacular blossoms of the…
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February 23, 2019 0

Podranea ricasoliana (Pink Trumpet Vine)

One of the hardiest of vines introduced to the United States is Podranea ricasoliana, the Pink Trumpet Vine. During the fall, winter and spring it bears fragrant pale pink, bell-shaped flowers highlighted by red stripes. The glossy foliage is also attractive. The plant is one of the Bignoniaceae family, which also includes the Jacaranda Tree. The vine…
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May 28, 2017 0

We highly recommend a lizard for your house

Well, not exactly, but we needed to get your attention. What we’re really talking about is the Lizard Vine, Tetrastigma voinierianum. This vigorous species, native to Laos and North Vietnam, is a liana, that is, a woody vine. The plant is in the grape family (Vitaceae); indeed, its leaves are grapelike in shape, but are…
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May 20, 2017 0


Maybe you’ve noticed lately that knowing what is true has become rather elusive. For instance, can both of the following statements be true? (1) Bougainvillea is one of the most colorful vines in the world. (2) The flowers of Bougainvillea are small and inconspicuous. The answer is yes. That’s because the features that produce the…
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April 2, 2017 0

The Little-Known Link Between France and Florida

How can a street a mere block long connect Paris and Miami? The idea seems preposterous. Clue: Take a peek into the botanical world. Victor Jacquemont (1801-1832) was a well-known and well-connected French biologist who has been described as “the most charismatic, tragic, and energetic natural historian of his generation.” During a brief stay in…
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February 11, 2017 0