From Under the Jakfruit Tree

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From Under the Jakfruit Tree

November 24, 2018 Flowering Shrubs Fragrant Flowers Fruit at the Nursery 0

This week we harvested two large bunches of  bananas, one is called ‘burro’ used primarily for cooking and the other for eating out of hand. We have many more available for  sale. Each bunch had more than 10 hands, very nice.  Both plants and fruit are available for sale.

Since our South Florida soil is so very nutrient poor we plant our banana pants in deep mounds of old decayed mulch. This medium is extremely nutrient rich. We find it is not necessary to add additional fertilizer, just provide water.  No pesticides or fungicides are required.


The sweet almond bushes, Aloysia virgata, are intoxicating.  What a delightful aroma.  The scent can be enjoyed from several feet away.  This bush blooms year round and is extremely maintenance free.

If you enjoy fragrance, stop by and enjoy the strong vanilla scent of the Ceiba schottii tree (Vanilla Kapok).  Our specimen tree is currently in bloom and it blooms for many months out of the year.

That is all for today, from ‘Under the Jakfruit tree‘.