It Pays to be Social

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It Pays to be Social

August 26, 2012 Did You Know? Specials 0

If you’ve ever visited Richard Lyons Nursery in Miami, you already know that it’s a very friendly place. We want to help you find just the right plants and trees for your own tropical paradise because we share your passion for tropical plants, fruits and trees. The conversation doesn’t end when you leave our Nursery because we’re social. You can be our fan on Facebook or follow the Nursery on Twitter too.

We would love to know how you found our plant nursery. Please tell us when you visit, whether you heard from a friend or read a review on It would also be great if you take the time to check in with your favorite social website when you visit. We currently offer discounts and specials for users on Yelp! and foursquare. If you use another network to share with your friends, tell us about that too. We love hearing about new ways to stay in touch with you.

Finally, keep watching this website grow. We have lots of things to share with you from beautiful blooms and tasty fruit to gardening tips and tricks to make your personal oasis bloom.