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Latest News From Around The Nursery

October 13, 2013 Fruit at the Nursery Weather 0

Who says we don’t have seasons here in south Florida?  We have just begun the dry season — no more daily storms, just occasional rain.  Don’t expect a rainy season until about the middle of May next year.  Watch the moisture level in all of your potted plants.  They lose moisture much faster with the advent of lower humidity and drying winds.

This is the latest safe period for applying granular fertilizer to your garden’s plants and trees.  You don’t want to stimulate growth in the event we experience severe cold later on.  The idea is to let your plants harden off for the cooler weather which arrives the latter part of December or the first part of January.

Here at Richard Lyons’ Nursery we have planted vegetables which we expect to begin harvesting in the next 60 days and continue to harvest until April next year.  We will have carrots, lettuce, kolrabi,  cauliflower, broccoli, swiss chard, string beans, tomatoes, and a wide selection of herbs.

We still have some avocados and star fruit.

We will have Jujube very soon.  The fruit is forming very nicely. Should the weather remain on the warm side we may even have some Jakfruit. Some of the trees are producing flowers.

I invite you all to stop by and see our large collection of plants and trees here at Richard Lyons’ Nursery.