Observations on a Wacky Autumn

With a 70% chance of rain today, who would believe we are in the dry season? And last week the temperatures dipped into the low 50s in the Redland. If we continue to have cool weather, we might have a strong lychee crop next year. That would be great. Our Jakfruit season here at Richard Lyons’ Nursery is over. It’s wonderful to see so many consumers discovering the largest tree fruit. We had a fruit this year that tipped the scales at 86 lbs! The Jujube trees are loaded with fruit, as are the Star Apple trees. Star Fruit trees are bearing a good crop again this year. Our vegetable and herb garden is doing very nicely; in a few weeks we will be able to harvest beets, tomatoes,¬†Swiss chard, carrots, sugar peas,¬†kohlrabi, radishes, daikon (a large, mild Asian radish), and a large squash known as calabaza. We also have herbs available in 3-in. pots. They include parsley, dill, rosemary, tarragon, oregano, various hot peppers, mint, lavender and others. Lemon grass can be found at Richard Lyons’ Nursery year-round.


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