We have Jackfruit

Jackfruit on the tree

Artocarpus heterophyllus (Jackfruit) on the tree.

I know some of you have been waiting since last season ended. The wait is finally over. The jackfruit is back, and we have a beautiful fruit this year.

If you aren’t familiar with jackfruit, this is a tropical treasure. It has a unique flavor somewhere between banana and pineapple mixed with other tropical notes of flavor. The spiny fruits are spectacular in size and can get upwards of 70 pounds.

For a really unique experience, come by Richard Lyons Nursery in Miami today and buy some jackfruit for a taste of this Asian treasure.

Under The Jakfruit Tree

There are many species of gingers in the nursery trade, but none more spectacular than the Torch Ginger. Botanical name, Etlingera elatior, the foliage is dark green with large wide leaves and canes that reach 6-9 feet. The flowers emerge from separate stalks and reach 3-4 feet in height and resemble a torch. Pink or pinkish red is the most common color. However, there is a pure white which is equally spectacular.

Richard Lyons Nursery has both colors in stock.

Under The Jakfruit Tree

There are many species in the Genus Costus. These are commonly referred to as New World Gingers, Spiral Gingers, Crepe Gingers, Button Gingers, and even Step Ladder Gingers. They aren’t related to the Old World Gingers of which a few species give us the edible ginger root which we use in cooking. They do give a great tropical look and the flowers do attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Whatever you call them, if you just ask for Costus, most people will know what you are looking for.

Richard Lyons Nursery has several different species for sale.

Under The Jakfruit Tree

A quick note highlighting two new Heliconia plants for sale at Richard Lyons Nursery. The first is, Heliconia champneana, a cultivar with large upright yellow orange bracts with red splotches, appropriately named ‘Splash’. The second is a very large plant, attaining a height of 10-12 feet, Heliconia caribae x H. bihai ‘Black Magic’. This is a hybrid with chalky stems and deep burgundy red upright bracts.

Under The Jakfruit Tree

This is the time of year when you see various colors of Crepe Myrtle Trees (Lagerstroemia indica) blooming. The most common colors for South Florida are White, Light Pink, Dark Pink, Purple, and Red. Richard Lyons Nursery usually has these colors in stock. Call ahead for availability.

The primary reason for growing these trees is for their beautiful blooms. However, as an added bonus, these trees shed their bark, creating a very smooth, almost sanded look. While they shed their leaves in the winter, this just highlights the afore mentioned smooth trunk and branches.