Peacock Ginger and Dancing Ladies Ginger

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Peacock Ginger and Dancing Ladies Ginger

September 3, 2023 Ground Covers Herbaceous Plants Plants for Shaded Locations Under the Jakfruit Tree 0

Peacock Ginger (Kaempferia pulchra) is a very good ground cover for a moist shaded area. Peacock Ginger produce four-petaled lavender flowers throughout the summer, but their beautifully patterned foliage probably stands out the most. The oval leaves consist of a green background with an overlay of striking bronze or purple markings. It spreads via rhizomes and just a few plants can eventually cover a large area. This plant does go dormant during the winter months, which is something to be considered when utilizing it in the landscape. However, when it does reappear in the spring it will be denser than ever.

Dancing Ladies Ginger (Globba winitii) also spreads via rhizomes and also goes dormant during the winter months like the Peacock Ginger but has more height as it grows to 6-12″ high. It is also well suited for moist shaded areas of the garden. The bright yellow flowers appear at the ends of stems that emerge from purple bracts giving them the appearance of a small dancing lady.

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