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Richard’s Notes

September 27, 2015 Did You Know? Weather 0

Here we are in the last days of September and the weather has already started to change. The change here in South Florida is noticeable only if you pay close attention. The daytime temperature is starting to come down ever so slightly. If you haven’t applied fertilizer since last June, now is the time to do it. It is important to keep your plants healthy at all times. Fruit trees respond well to an 8-3-9 mix with minor elements. Learn to read the guaranteed analysis that, by law, must appear on the label. The more minors that appear there, the better the product is; you get what you pay for. All other plants, including fruit trees, respond well to a good-quality Palm Special fertilizer, such as 8-2-12. It is not a good idea to fertilize when there is a possi- bility of a freeze or other cold weather, the reason being that you don’t want to stimulate new growth which is tender and likely to be damaged in cold or cooler weather. After this application of fertilizer, the next should be at the end of March or the beginning of April.

We here at Richard Lyons’ Nursery do not recommend the planting of citrus or avocados at this time. Citrus Greening disease is destroying thousands of citrus trees throughout the State of Florida, and Laurel Wilt in our area has already killed thousands of trees the belong to the Lauraceae family, which includes avocados. There is no known cure for Laurel Wilt.

On a happier note, a migratory hummingbird has already been spotted at the nursery, and we are enjoying many varieties of butterflies. Remember, plant what they need for nectar and larval food and they will come.

That’s all for now until next time –