Under The Jakfruit Tree

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Under The Jakfruit Tree

April 28, 2019 Fruit Trees Insect Pests and Diseases 0

Once again I would like to remind everyone about wanting to plant citrus trees.

My thoughts on the subject are: Do Not.

All legally sold citrus trees in Florida must be grown in Northern Florida under quarantine.   In addition, the disease called citrus greening is rampant throughout the state. It is not seen with the naked eye until the disease has progressed. THERE IS NO CURE AND NO KNOWN WAY TO PREVENT IT. The disease is spread by the Asian citrus psyllid (a very tiny insect), whose host plant is orange jasmine (Murraya paniculata). This plant was a very popular ornamental in the nursery industry, so it was widely planted throughout Florida. This enabled the insect to spread rapidly throughout the state and infect citrus trees along the way. At the moment the only way to control the disease is to eradicate the psyllid, and this has proven very expensive and ineffective.

Another reason not to plant citrus is the trees are grafted on a root stock not compatible with our alkaline soil. This presents a problem in the way the fruit may taste. The fruit may be bitter, pithy and most undesirable.   

Finally, as if the other two reasons weren’t enough, a more familiar disease is still around which most South Floridians are familiar with, Citrus Canker.

If interested more can be read about these problems on the IFAS WEBSITE.