Under The Jakfruit Tree

Passiflora incarnata x Passiflora cincinnata is a hybrid passion flower vine which has the parents of a florida native, Maypop, and a tropical passion flower from South America. The parentage makes this an ideal vine for South Florida. Maypop occurs throughout Florida, but tends to grow better in the northern counties. It has a pale blue flower with no real fragrance. On the other hand, Passiflora cincinnata has a deeper blue flower and is fragrant. When you cross the two, you wind up with a subtropical plant well suited for South Florida with a fragrant deep blue, almost purple flower. The resulting common name is Incense Passion Flower Vine. The Zebra longwing butterfly and the Orange Julia butterfly usually will not lay eggs on exotic passion vines. However, since this vine has a native as one of its parents, they, along with the Gulf Fritillary butterfly are happy to use this vine as a host plant.

Richard Lyons Nursery has this vine currently in stock.

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