Winter Gardening and U-pick at the Nursery

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Winter Gardening and U-pick at the Nursery

December 27, 2012 Did You Know? Fresh Vegetables Fruit at the Nursery Fruit Trees In Bloom 0
Averrhoa carambola (Starfruit)

Averrhoa carambola (Starfruit) on the tree

This is a very interesting time of year weather-wise. In November we experienced several cool days. Apparently the nighttime temperatures were low enough for the lychee trees to start to flower. With the last few nights in the fifties we might have a decent lychee crop in 2013. Hopefully the blooms will be a mix of male and female flowers.

Because the nighttime temperatures have been below 70 degrees in South Florida, the tomato plants have set fruit. Most tomatoes require temperatures below 70 degrees for fruit to set. The tropical pumpkins look good too. We also have a bumper crop of different lettuces.

You can pick your own vegetables when you visit the nursery. We are growing string beans, kohlrabi, Swiss chard, bok choy, carrots, tropical pumpkins, and several other vegetables that grow well in Miami-Dade over the winter months.

We have a tasty selection of fresh exotic fruit including sapodilla, jujube, guava, and carambola which are maturing on the trees. Visit the nursery and explore this tropical wonder place on your own or ask for a tour.

Enjoy the antique roses which grow on their own rootstocks without having to be grafted. These roses do not get black spot that you might have seen on other roses. They are the easiest of plants to grow. Just deadhead (cut off the dead flower buds) and they will produce flowers year-round.