Aristolochia (Dutchman’s Pipe or Pipe Vines)

Aristolochia, is a genus of woody vines commonly called, Dutchman’s Pipe or Pipe Vines.  This is due to the shape of the flower resembling a pipe in many species.  It is also called Calico Flower, because the pattern on the flower resembles calico fabric. Many butterfly enthusiasts in South Florida grow this vine for the larval food of the Polydamus Swallowtail(Battus polydamus), sometimes called the Gold Rimmed Butterfly.  A black butterfly with gold around the wings and no extended ‘tails’ on the hind wings.  It is the only eastern United States Swallowtail without tails. Richard Lyons’ Nursery has a few species of Aristolochias in 3gal. containers.


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