We have Jackfruit

Jackfruit on the tree

Artocarpus heterophyllus (Jackfruit) on the tree.

I know some of you have been waiting since last season ended. The wait is finally over. The jackfruit is back, and we have a beautiful fruit this year.

If you aren’t familiar with jackfruit, this is a tropical treasure. It has a unique flavor somewhere between banana and pineapple mixed with other tropical notes of flavor. The spiny fruits are spectacular in size and can get upwards of 70 pounds.

For a really unique experience, come by Richard Lyons Nursery in Miami today and buy some jackfruit for a taste of this Asian treasure.

Under The Jakfruit Tree

Dypsis cabadae is a water-loving palm species that was almost unknown here 35 years ago. Its a very attractive clumping palm with dark green stems with white rings marking where fronds once were gives this palm a bamboo-like appearance.  It reaches 30-40 ft. at maturity and can be grown in light shade to sun. It is native to islands off the coast of Madagascar, and is one of the faster growing palms in S. Florida.

Richard Lyons Nursery currently has this palm in stock.

Under The Jakfruit Tree

Rubus niveus, Mysore Tropical Black Raspberry. This raspberry is native to India, China, and SE Asia. It grows very well in South Florida unlike other raspberries from temperate growing zones. This species is well suited for zone 10. A fast grower that makes a nice natural barrier due to its thorny stems.

Richard Lyons Nursery currently has this raspberry in stock.

Under The Jakfruit Tree

The Curry Leaf Tree is a small tree 6-15′ from India and Sri Lanka. It tends to sucker from its surface roots giving it a more shrubby look than a single trunk tree. Most people don’t realize it is a member of the Citrus Family (Rutaceae). It produces small clusters of fragrant white flowers which are an excellent pollen source for honey bees. The aromatic leaves are used in Indian and Sri Lankan cuisine. Ironically curry powder used in making curry dishes is not made from the leaves of the Curry Leaf Tree.

Richard Lyons Nursery currently has this tree in stock.

Under The Jakfruit Tree

Lady of the Night is a shrub in the Brunfelsia genus that has large white tubular flowers that give off a spicy vanilla fragrance in the evening, thus the descriptive common name. There are generally three species for sale in S. Florida. Brunfelsia nitida is probably the most common, and most compact of the three. B. lactea and B. americana are more upright in growth habit and both can reach 5-8′. All three species have identical sized creamy white flowers that give off a fragrance in the evening. For this reason, most people like planting this shrub near swimming pools or patios where they may congregate in the evening.

Richard Lyons Nursery usually has all three species available.

Under The Jakfruit Tree

The Tree Bougainvillea (Bougainvillea arborea), is a true species of Bougainvillea. It grows in tree form usually with multiple trunks and can attain a height of 20 feet or more. Unlike its hybrid cousins, which have many different colors and grow in shrub to vining form, the tree Bougainvillea has one color, light purple or lavender best describes it. However, just like its hybrid cousins, the tree Bougainvillea is an excellent nectar source for butterflies, as well as hummingbirds.

Richard Lyons Nursery currently has this plant in stock.