The Nursery

Rare & Unusual Tropical Trees & Plants, Flowering, Fruit, Native, Palm, Bamboo, Heliconia, Hummingbird, Butterfly

Richard Lyons

Richard Lyons, CEO of Richard Lyons Nursery, Inc.

This is a working farm, plant and tree nursery with flowering trees, palm trees, fruit trees, and native as well as exotic plants and trees in the ground around the 10 acre perimeter. We have rare and hard to find plants and trees for zones 10-11. There are native plants, butterfly and hummingbird attractors, fruit trees, palm trees, bamboo, flowering trees as well as plants, herbs, heliconias and water plants. You will also find plants and trees suitable for Bonsai. We also have attractive and delicious varieties of banana plants.

Richard can take you on tour of the property, where you can see, smell and taste unique plants that won’t be found at chain garden centers. In the warmer months we grow tropical pumpkins, locally known a calabaza. In our grove area we grow Jackfruit, Sugar apples, Mangoes, Avocado,Jaboticaba,grapes,Jujube, Star apple a/k/a caimito, red, black and white sapote.