Our Trees Six Months After Hurricane Irma

It’s a little bit hard to believe that Hurricane Irma occurred six months ago. Many trees in southern Florida, including some in the ground at Richard Lyons’ Nursery, took a walloping thanks to a number of factors previously addressed in … Continue reading

Tropical Fruit Recipe Suggestions – Sapodilla

This installment of tropical fruit recipes concentrates on sapodilla, which is not only a fine fruit, but the product of a beautiful ornamental tree, Manilkara zapota. Richard Lyons’ Nursery sells the fresh fruit of sapodilla for several months starting roughly … Continue reading

Recommendations for a Favorite Pastime: Eating!, Part II

This week we continue with our look at some of the edible plant species available at Richard Lyons’ Nursery. Part II concentrates on shrub and tree species. Jujube (Zizyphus jujuba): The Jujube tree is a fruit tree in the Rhamnaceae, … Continue reading