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Caribwood Tree

Poitea carinalis (formerly Sabinea carinalis) is a small tree 10-15′ tall which is endemic to the island of Dominica in the West Indies.  It officially became the national flower of Dominica in 1978.  It grows along dry coastal areas on the island, although there are few individuals remaining in the wild. This tree is an…
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March 6, 2022 0

Yellow Elder

Tecoma stans can be grown as a shrub or single trunk tree. If growing as a tree, Yellow Elder can attain a height of 12-15 feet. Its flowers are bright yellow in clusters at the tips of the branches. This tree/shrub blooms periodically throughout the year. When it is in full bloom, it is hard…
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January 30, 2022 0

Angel’s Trumpet

Brugmansia Hybrid is a large shrub or small tree with large pendulous flowers which are fragrant at night. There are currently several color varieties in cultivation. The shape of the flower gives this plant its common name. Richard Lyons Nursery currently has this plant in stock.

January 2, 2022 0

African Tulip Tree

One of the most striking of winter-flowering trees found in southern Florida is the African Tulip Tree (Spathodea campanulata). This fast grower is native to tropical areas of western and central Africa, where it can reach about 80 ft. in height. In South Florida it tends to be a little smaller, but still a very…
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November 14, 2021 0

Pua Keni Keni The Perfume Flower Tree

Pua Keni Keni (Fagraea berteroana) is native to the Samoan Islands, New Caledonia, and eastern Polynesia. It was introduced to the Hawaiian Islands in the 1930’s. Pua Keni Keni literally means ‘ten cent flower’ in Hawaiian, as the flowers were sold for 10 cents in the 1930’s to make leis. This tree is relatively small…
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November 7, 2021 0