Food Treats Using Calabaza

Richard Lyons’ Nursery cannot emphasize enough how fortunate we in southern Florida are to be able to grow a wide variety of tropical vegetables and fruits. One of the more versatile food crops is calabaza, whose season is just starting. … Continue reading

Update on Vegetables Being Grown at Richard Lyons’ Nursery and Other News

Hummingbirds currently abound at the nursery.  They are most frequently seen drinking nectar from the Hong Kong Orchid Trees, China Hats, Fire spikes, Fire bush (native and non-native), Bougainvilleas, and Butterfly Orchid Tree, just to name a few.  We invite you … Continue reading

Late Autumn Vegetable and Fruit Report

If one word had to be picked to describe the current status of vegetable and fruit crops in southern Florida, it would be “confused.”  That’s because weather conditions over past few months have caused many crops to develop erratically.  Forecast … Continue reading