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Under The Jakfruit Tree

Calabaza is the Spanish name for any type of pumpkin. In English, it refers to West Indian Pumpkin, or Calabassa, a winter squash grown in the Caribbean and Tropical America. Botanically, it is Curbita moschata. At Richard Lyons Nursery it is grown under the rows of Jakfruit and Sapodilla trees. It is unfortunately a host…
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May 2, 2021 0

Under The Jakfruit Tree

Today, ‘Under The Jakfruit Tree, will actually be about Jakfruit trees.  No matter how you spell it, Jakfruit or Jackfruit, it is the largest fruit that grows on a tree in the world.  It is native to India, but it has been cultivated throughout Southeast Asia and right here in our own backyard of South…
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July 14, 2019 0

Under The Jakfruit Tree

The Mango Trees are in full bloom now and the Jakfruit trees are flowering and forming fruit as well. The Sapodilla trees still have ripe fruit ready for sale. As always, Richard Lyons Nursery has a wide variety of tropical fruit trees for sale as well as ornamentals for your yard.

March 10, 2019 0

Fruit for Sale

Currently at Richard Lyons Nursery, there is Sapodilla and Jujube fruit for sale!. While you are here, take a walk around the nursery and see all of the plants offered for sale.

February 10, 2019 0

From Under the Jakfruit Tree

This week we harvested two large bunches of  bananas, one is called ‘burro’ used primarily for cooking and the other for eating out of hand. We have many more available for  sale. Each bunch had more than 10 hands, very nice.  Both plants and fruit are available for sale. Since our South Florida soil is…
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November 24, 2018 0