Florida Citrus Takes a Licking, But Not From Greening

For a number of years now, Florida citrus has been pummeled by disease. Citrus canker appeared first, only to be supplanted by a newer scourge, citrus greening. Orange production alone cratered from a peak of 244 million 90-lb. boxes in … Continue reading

News About Citrus Greening Remains Grim

From time to time in this space, we report on the course of citrus greening in Florida. Citrus greening is a bacterial disease spread primarily by an insect known as a psyllid, and its presence in the state has been … Continue reading

Avocado Scourge Continues Its Spread Through Florida

Last week in this space, Richard Lyons’ Nursery reported more discouraging news concerning citrus greening disease. This week we have received equally ominous information about the disease affecting avocados. The University of Florida has disclosed that the insect responsible for … Continue reading