Citrus Diseases and Pests

We have several customers coming to the nursery requesting citrus trees.  They are disappointed to hear we do not sell any.  Listed below are 3 links to articles detailing 3 major reasons we do not grow and sell citrus trees.  The first two detail the two major diseases of citrus trees in South Florida, Citrus Greening and Citrus Canker.  Both of these diseases are present in South Florida, and eventually will kill your trees.  The third link describes the Citrus Leafminer.  A tiny moth, whose larvae curls and deforms leaves.  While mostly a cosmetic problem, a problem none the less, which causes the leaves to become marred and deformed, thus leaving the overall appearance of the tree somewhat ugly.  This is very bothersome to most gardeners, and the only remedy is to use costly pesticides.  It is for these reasons we do not recommend citrus trees for the South Florida landscape.


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