Saritaea magnifica (Glow Vine)

The name Saritaea magnifica implies something special, and, indeed, ‘magnificent’ is an appropriate word to describe the flowers of the Glow Vine. This native of Colombia and Ecuador produces large clusters of showy mauve-purple, trumpet-shaped blooms up to 2½ in. wide, accentuated by white throats. Even when not in flower, S. magnifica is ornamental, bearing smooth, leathery, dark-green leaves. It can be featured in the landscape in two ways: (1) Utilized as a climber that attaches itself to vertical elements via slender tendrils, or (2) Maintained as a shrub either planted out or in a container. Glow Vine should be grown in full sun to light shade and in moist, well-drained soil. It is available at Richard Lyons’ Nursery in 3-gal. pots, trained on 3-ft. trellises.


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