Two Tropical Hydrangeas

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Two Tropical Hydrangeas

November 27, 2022 Did You Know? Flowering Shrubs Under the Jakfruit Tree 0

Dombeya wallichii and Dombeya burgessiae ‘Seminole’ are commonly called Tropical Hydrangea due to their flowers looking very similar to the temperate Hydrangea. However, botanically they are in the Malvaceae family which is the Hibiscus or Mallow Family. So, in fact they are more closely related to Hibiscus than Hydrangea. Dombeya wallichii is more tree-like than shrub and can reach 12-15 feet with numerous clusters of light pink flowers which hang down in a spectacular ball. The blooming period is in the spring.

Dombeya burgessiae ‘Seminole’ is a large shrub 6-8′ tall and 10′ wide with dark green foliage contrasting with bright pink hydrangea looking blossoms. Its blooming period is spring and late fall. Both of these Dombeya’s attract large quantities of honeybees when in bloom.

Richard Lyons Nursery currently has both of these plants in stock.