Under The Jakfruit Tree

Do you have a place in your yard that gets full sun, no irrigation, very well drained, the grass is always full of weeds, and simply looks bad? May I suggest a small project, such as making a rock garden in this area. South Florida as ample pieces of limestone rock just below the surface of the soil which can be dug up and utilized on the surface. Also, if there is any construction nearby, such as home building, you usually can obtain varying sizes of rock. Contour the area so it’s not perfectly level, place the rocks as you see fit, and now you have an area ready to plant. Using drought tolerant plants such as succulents, certain bromeliads, and cactus you can beautify an area which previously was a headache. Plus, as an added bonus, you have also eliminated an area of grass that you no longer have to mow. Below are some photos of plants Richard Lyons Nursery has in stock which would be suitable for this project.

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