Under The Jakfruit Tree

Bromeliads in the landscape that form a low physical barrier along property lines. There are many that could be used, but for this article I will focus on three that add contrasting color, and that Richard Lyons Nursery currently has in stock. Quesnelia testudo forms large clumps that can take up a large area and have nice light green leaves and beautiful pink flower bracts. Aechmea blanchetiana is grown for its bright orange leaves in bright light and is also a great clumping bromeliad. Finally, Aechmea ‘Marcelino’ has dark red leaves, is a little taller than the previous two, and also clumps nicely.

The leaves of these three bromeliads are very stout, with sharp pointed ends, and sharp serrated edges. Anyone, or any animal will think twice about trying to walk through this natural barrier.

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