Under The Jakfruit Tree

Two common names, one Thailand Powderpuff and the other Pink Powderpuff, and thus the confusion with common names. These two plants are not related at all and come from opposite ends of the world. Thailand Powderpuff doesn’t even come from Thailand, but rather from tropical Africa. Pink Powderpuff comes from South America. Botanical names are very distinctive and leave no confusion. So, Thailand Powderpuff (Combretum constrictum) is in the Combretaceae Family and Pink Powderpuff (Calliandra surinamensis) is in the Fabaceae Family. Two things they do both have in common is that they both thrive in South Florida, and they bloom year round. Although they are considered shrubs, they both get a substantial trunk and can reach 10-15 feet in height.

Richard Lyons Nursery currently has these plants in stock.

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