Under The Jakfruit Tree

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Under The Jakfruit Tree

January 3, 2021 Flowering Vines 0

A winter blooming vine is today’s topic. The vine is the Garlic Vine (Mansoa alliacea). Some may know the old botanical name, Cydista aequinoctialis. It is native to Northern South America, where it is called by its Spanish name, ajos sacha (False Garlic). It is so named due to the strong garlic smell and flavor of the crushed leaves. It has even been used as a spice in South America.

Very much like the Yesterday, Today, and, Tomorrow shrub, the flowers turn different colors after blooming. Deep lavender, pale lavender, and then almost white. All three colors are present at the same time on the vine.

Richard Lyons Nursery currently has this vine in stock.