Unseasonably Warm – Under the Jakfruit Tree

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Unseasonably Warm – Under the Jakfruit Tree

January 5, 2019 Uncategorized 0

We have been experiencing unseasonably warm weather which is unusual for this time of year. 
As a result many of the trees and plants are growing more than usual. 
Remember to keep your plant well hydrated. The humidity  is low as do evaporation is high. 
We are presently harvesting Jujube, Carambola, Sapodilla and Bananas. 
In addition we have several varieties of herbs ready for sale. 
Come on down we will tour the nursery in a golf cart and show you many of our trees when full grown. 
Several of our flowering trees are in bloom,  for example the true Hong Kong Orchid tree. Bauhinia Blakeana which in the #1 tree to attract Humming Birds. 

Until next time