A light rain but not much more

Today is Saturday July 7, 2012. We had a light rain sprinkle for a minute or two this morning, which was enough to wet down the dust. Not enough to provide a good drink for the plants and trees. I toured the nursery and grove this morning and found many wonderful blooms. We have uploaded photos of some of the plants taken today. Those mentioned photos which are not shown here can be found in the Plant Gallery at our old website www.rarefloweringtrees.com, the companion site to this site.



Star potato

Star potato

Velvet apple, red shrimp, mamey, Clerodendrum minahassae, various crepe myrtlesCassia afrofistula, sweet almond, Chinese rain bells, an orange costus, angel wing begonia, dune sun flower, porterweed, white, red and yellow plumerias, Brazilian red cloak, star potato, akee, strawberry tree, sapodilla, Spanish lime, Brachychiton acerifolius, Chinese fringe plant, Clerodendrum paniculata, white costus, Barbados cherry. Too many more blooming and fruiting plants to mention here; this will be continued next week.

Welcome to Richard Lyons’ Nursery

The biggest news, of course, is our brand-new website which you have found.  We hope you will continue to visit this website as we will have updated news about the nursery on a weekly basis.  As you can see by the address, we are located in Miami, Florida.  Please stop by for a visit.  We are open every day from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm, including Saturday and Sunday, but CLOSED Thursday.

There are currently several trees and plants in bloom at the nursery which you can add to your landscape.  Several photos have been posted for your viewing pleasure.  Others which have not been posted as of yet include Cassia fistula (Golden Shower), Spathodea campanulata (Yellow African Tulip Tree), Jacaranda mimosifolia (Purple Jacaranda), and others too numerous to jot down.

We offer a selection of plants that are not widely available throughout the nursery industry in Miami.  With our help you can have a lush tropical garden for a very low cost.  It is easy to install a beautiful butterfly garden with very few plants which will still attract all of the species present in Miami-Dade County.

We have trees which grow at varying rates, from very slow to very rapid.  We also have over 50 varieties of tropical fruit trees which can be easily maintained without the need for spraying dangerous chemicals which can damage the environment.  When you visit our 10-acre nursery, we will be able to show you mature specimens planted along the perimeter to give you an idea of what these plants will look like with age.

We grow the majority of our plants from seeds or cuttings from our vast collection of stock plants in the ground.  Come visit us for a tour of the nursery in the comfort of a golf cart.  Keep in mind when you are outside and uncomfortable due to the high heat and humidity that these plants are growing at their best.