Late Autumn Vegetable and Fruit Report

If one word had to be picked to describe the current status of vegetable and fruit crops in southern Florida, it would be “confused.”  That’s because weather conditions over past few months have caused many crops to develop erratically.  Forecast … Continue reading

IFAS: An Invaluable Source

Your earliest New Year’s resolution for 2014 should be to become more familiar with IFAS, The Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences.  IFAS is a partnership of federal, state and county agencies charged with generating knowledge in several key areas — agriculture, … Continue reading

Looking for Shady Friends? Part III

Continuing our recent feature, we recommend three more species known for their dependability in settings where lighting is muted: Bird’s Nest Anthurium (Anthurium hookeri): There’s a bit of mystery connected with this very popular aroid. What has been grown in southern Florida for many years … Continue reading

Looking for Shady Friends? Part II

Continuing last week’s feature, we recommend three more species that flower dependably in settings where lighting is muted: Philippine Violet (Barleria cristata):  Okay, class, our topic this hour is “Misnomers of the Plant World, or What Not to Like About Common Names.”  Accordingly, … Continue reading