Sweet Almond (Aloysia virgata)

Plant lovers appreciate the vast array of fragrances encountered in tropical and subtropical species.  One of the best of them introduced to our region is the Sweet Almond, Aloysia virgata.  Its strong fragrance is optimally enjoyed at a distance from the plant, where breezes easily … Continue reading

Podranea ricasoliana (Pink Trumpet Vine)

One of the hardiest of vines introduced to the United States is Podranea ricasoliana, the Pink Trumpet Vine.  During the fall, winter and spring it bears fragrant pale pink, bell-shaped flowers highlighted by red stripes.  The glossy foliage is also attractive.  The … Continue reading


Agaves comprise just over 200 species of succulent plants native to the New World, from the southwestern U.S. to northern South America.  They are characterized by a rosette of fleshy, stiff leaves capable of withstanding severe heat and drought.  Over time, the … Continue reading