Author: Steve Turner

Rare & Unusual Tropical Trees & Plants, Flowering, Fruit, Native, Palm, Bamboo, Heliconia, Hummingbird, Butterfly

Peanut Butter Tree

Bunchosia glandulifera is a novelty fruit tree native to northern South America and Central America. It does in fact have the taste and texture of peanut butter. The fruits are small, elliptical in shape, and about 1″ in length and ripen to an orangy-red color. The tree is somewhat shrubby, but can attain a height…
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October 29, 2023 0

Confederate Rose

Hibiscus mutabilis gets its common name from the fact that Thomas Jefferson’s daughter brought this plant back from China and established it in Virginia and then throughout the southern U.S. The flowers resemble roses much more than a hibiscus. This large shrub is a late summer, early fall bloomer in South Florida. It has large…
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October 22, 2023 0

King’s Mantle

Thunbergia erecta is a woody shrub from tropical Africa. It grows to about 4-6′ in height and width. The most common flower color is purple. A little less common are the white (Thunbergia erecta ‘Alba’), and the pale blue with white stripes (Thunbergia erecta ‘Fairy Moon’). The flowers on all varieties are tubular with yellow…
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October 15, 2023 0

Golden Thryallis Shrub

Galphimia gracilis is a shrub native to Central America and northern South America. It is commonly grown in South Florida in full sun to partial shade attaining a height of 6-10′ and equally as wide. It blooms throughout the summer and into the fall months with bright yellow star shaped flowers on 6″ flower spikes.…
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October 8, 2023 0

Pride of Barbados

Caesalpinia pulcherrima is the national flower of the Caribbean Island of Barbados. This small tree or large shrub can reach a height of 8-12′ and blooms all summer long and into the fall in South Florida. The most common flower color is reddish orange. However, there is a cultivar of solid yellow and one of…
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October 1, 2023 0