Author: Steve Turner

Rare & Unusual Tropical Trees & Plants, Flowering, Fruit, Native, Palm, Bamboo, Heliconia, Hummingbird, Butterfly

The Green Jade Vine

Strongylodon macrobotrys is native to the Philippines and grows quite well in South Florida. The unique claw-shaped flowers are bat pollinated in their native habitat. However, itis the unique color of its flowers that fascinate anybody who has ever seen it. A true jade green color like the gemstone. Truly a very unusual color in…
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April 30, 2023 0

Horseradish Tree

Moringa oleifera is an excellent shade tree for South Florida attaining a height of 30-40′. However, its flowers and leaves are edible and have become popular with the health craze. The leaves and flowers can be steamed and have a high amount of protein, calcium, iron and vitamins B12 and C. The leaves are also…
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April 23, 2023 0

Satake Palm Tree

Satakentia liukiuensis, while endemic to some small islands of Japan, grows very well in South Florida. It is a moderately fast growing palm tree with a single trunk attaining a height of 25-30′. This species’ most unique feature, and what makes this palm very attractive, is its maroon, brown crown shaft. Richard Lyons Nursery currently…
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April 16, 2023 0

Black Swallowtail Butterfly

The Black Swallowtail Butterfly (Papilio polyxenes) may be the least observed butterfly in South Florida. One very easy way to attract it though, is to grow parsley and dill in the winter months in your herb garden or in pots on your patio. In the spring when the plants are flowering and going to seed…
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April 9, 2023 0

Jerusalem Thorn or Mexican Paloverde Tree

Parkinsonia aculeata is a small tree, 15-20′. Its leaves are very unique and gives the tree its distinctive look. They are wispy, pendulous, and fern-like in appearance. The small bright yellow flowers bloom in clusters at the tips of the branches and contrast nicely against the leaves. They are an excellent pollen source for honeybees.…
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April 2, 2023 0