Fragrance for Your Yard, Part III

Here is the third installment of our series on fragrant shrubs and trees growing at Richard Lyons’ Nursery. Buddleja madagascariensis – The Madagascar Butterfly Bush is endemic to its namesake country. It grows informally, usually to about 13 ft., but can … Continue reading

Fragrance for Your Yard, Part II

We continue with our look at fragrant plants that Richard Lyons’ Nursery recommends for your yard. Acacia farnesiana – Its common name, Sweet Acacia, describes the quality of its fragrance. This native North American species, which matures slowly to about 30 ft., … Continue reading

Fragrance for Your Yard

One of the many benefits of growing tropical plants is the ability to surround oneself with species that produce a fragrance. With judicious selection, a homeowner can have something sweet-smelling in flower just about year-round and can even satisfy a … Continue reading

Saritaea magnifica (Glow Vine)

The name Saritaea magnifica implies something special, and, indeed, ‘magnificent’ is an appropriate word to describe the flowers of the Glow Vine. This native of Colombia and Ecuador produces large clusters of showy mauve-purple, trumpet-shaped blooms up to 2½ in. … Continue reading