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No matter how you spell it, Jakfruit or Jackfruit, Artocarpus heterophyllus is the largest fruit that grows on a tree in the world.  It is native to India, but it has been cultivated throughout Southeast Asia and right here in our own backyard of South Florida. The fruit grows on the trunks of the trees…
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May 12, 2024 0

Peanut Butter Tree

Bunchosia glandulifera is a novelty fruit tree native to northern South America and Central America. It does in fact have the taste and texture of peanut butter. The fruits are small, elliptical in shape, and about 1″ in length and ripen to an orangy-red color. The tree is somewhat shrubby, but can attain a height…
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October 29, 2023 0

Triumph Persimmon Tree

‘Triumph’ is an Israeli cultivar that will produce fruit in South Florida. Richard Lyons Nursery currently has these grafted Persimmon trees for sale.

July 16, 2023 0

Wax Jambu

Syzygium samarangense is a lesser-known tropical fruit tree native to the Philippines and Southeast Asia. It is a member of the Myrtle Family (Myrtaceae) reaching a height of 20-30′ tall with a low branching crown that is almost equally wide. The pink to red colored pear-shaped fruit has a waxy skin with a crisp juicy…
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June 11, 2023 0

Grumichama or Brazilian Cherry

As the common name implies, this tree is endemic to southern Brazil. A medium sized fruit tree, 15-20′ tall with a fairly narrow crown. An excellent tree for a smaller yard. The fruit is small, about 1-2″ in diameter, purple to black when ripe, and very sweet. Richard Lyons Nursery currently has this tree in…
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May 21, 2023 0