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Black Swallowtail Butterfly

The Black Swallowtail Butterfly (Papilio polyxenes) may be the least observed butterfly in South Florida. One very easy way to attract it though, is to grow parsley and dill in the winter months in your herb garden or in pots on your patio. In the spring when the plants are flowering and going to seed…
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April 9, 2023 0

Tropical Fruit – A Tasty Survey, Part XII

We continue our survey of interesting edible tropical plants that can be grown in southern Florida. Lemon Grass (Cymbopogon citratus): Though commonly known as West Indian Lemon Grass, this popular herb is native to maritime Southeast Asia. It grows in dense clumps capable of reaching 6 ft. high and about 4 ft. wide. Its blue-green…
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August 25, 2018 0

Recommendations for a Favorite Pastime: Eating!

We at Richard Lyons’ Nursery are very observant folks, and we’ve noticed over time that people seem to love to eat. But folks don’t always choose wisely, in spite of all the salubrious foods available. Accordingly, we’d like to make some recommendations of wholesome and tasty vegetables and fruits available from our farm. Hint: There…
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February 24, 2018 0

Vegetables and Herbs For Sale

As winter and the dry season rapidly approach in S. Florida, so too does the optimum vegetable and herb growing season.  We have a variety of potted herbs(rosemary, chives, oregano, thyme, marjoram, mint, and basil to name a few), and some tomato plants and hot pepper plants for sale.  If vegetables picked fresh from the garden…
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November 17, 2013 0

Herbs for Summer Heat

Just as most of us wilt during Florida’s long, humid summer, so do many vegetables which simply can’t hold up to hot nights and persistent rains. But not all is lost. There are many herbs that are adapted to beating the heat. A leisurely tour of Richard Lyons’ Nursery will demonstrate a number of the…
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August 16, 2013 0