Some New Insights About the Paleo Diet

Here’s another in the series of interesting newsletters that Richard Lyons’ Nursery receives from Brooks Tropicals.

What’s written about paleo diets often emphasizes eating meat, but the diet is more about enjoying food that isn’t highly processed.

Slice and enjoy –  dragonfruit


Tropical fruits need little or no preparation to be enjoyed and to be a highlight of the meal.

Dragonfruit’s a great example. Here are 6 ways to enjoy it. No recipe required.

Tropical fruit platter

Now’s a great time of the year to explore adding tropical fruits to your menus.

We’re at season’s peak for many Florida-grown fruits: SlimCado avocado, starfruit, red guava, dragonfruit and passionfruit – to name a few.

Don’t forget the meat!

Caribbean Red papaya meat topper

For the meat on the paleo diet menu, this papaya recipe plays a triple role:
– tenderizer
– marinade
– topping

Caribbean Red papayas have a digestive enzyme in them that not only helps you digest food, but can also help tenderize meat. The same marinade also makes a great topping for steak hot off the grill.

Why wait for the stars to come out
Starfruit salsa

Enjoy a Florida starfruit salsa instead. Just chop and toss – for when the early evening’s breeze calls you out to the deck.

Remember! Save a star-shaped slice to top the dish.

Red guava sightings
Pastry shells not required

Apples and cherries move over – there’s a new sweet fruit on this fast food chain’s breakfast menu.

Like apples and cherries, pastry shells aren’t needed to enjoy red guava.

Munchable, lunchable red guava

Unlike those fruits, red guava comes with a fantastic aroma. The fragrance can pull you into your kitchen, even after a long day at work.

Buy one more guava than you need for a recipe. It’ll be the one you munch on while you make dinner.

The bounty of the tropics

Main dish or side, tropicals

Caribbean tuna and avocado stuffed peppers

Coconut and star-topped mojito salad

Tropically stuffed guava salad
Tropical fajita

Chunky tropical sandwich
Tropical crumble cake
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