Tropical Fruit Recipe Suggestions – Sapodilla

This installment of tropical fruit recipes concentrates on sapodilla, which is not only a fine fruit, but the product of a beautiful ornamental tree, Manilkara zapota. Richard Lyons’ Nursery sells the fresh fruit of sapodilla for several months starting roughly … Continue reading

Some New Insights About the Paleo Diet

Here’s another in the series of interesting newsletters that Richard Lyons’ Nursery receives from Brooks Tropicals. What’s written about paleo diets often emphasizes eating meat, but the diet is more about enjoying food that isn’t highly processed. Slice and enjoy … Continue reading

If You Want Vegetarian Food Alternatives, Looky Here

Once again Richard Lyons’ Nursery is happy to pass along to readers some useful information published by Brooks Tropicals. This time it’s about preparing delicious vegatarian dishes. Enjoy! Enjoy a tropical vegetarian dish! You want to eat healthy. You’ve read … Continue reading