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Verawood (Bulnesia arborea)

Verawood is a tree with a spreading, rounded growth habit, which creates dense shade under its canopy.  Over time the canopy becomes wider than the overall height of the tree which can obtain a height of 20-30 feet.  It has shiny dark green pinnately compound leaves composed of 7-14 pairs of leaflets.  It produces brilliant yellow…
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June 2, 2013 0

Lipstick Tree (Bixa orellana)

Bixa orellana, the Lipstick Tree, has to be one of the most fascinating plants found anywhere.  It has been valuable, versatile and popular for so long that no one knows exactly where in the New World Tropics it originated. The species name honors Francisco de Orellana, a Spanish conquistador of the 16th century, who, according…
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May 12, 2013 0

Pink Shower Tree (Cassia bakeriana)

An alternative to the more widely planted Cassia javanica (Apple Blossom Shower Tree), C. bakeriana, is smaller in stature, attaining a height of 20-30′, with a 10-15′ canopy spread.  However, what it lacks in overall height, it more than makes up for in bloom size and quantity of flowers.  Its long arching branches are completely…
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March 17, 2013 0

Allspice (Pimenta dioica) and Bay Rum (Pimenta racemosa)

The genus Pimenta comprises 14 flowering species, among which are a some of the most interesting and desirable aromatic trees in the world.  But it’s all a mistake . . . a big mistake.  Spanish explorers poking around Mexico in the 16th century found an attractive medium-sized tree whose berry-like fruits resembled black pepper, so they called it…
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March 16, 2013 0

The Stoppers (Myrtaceae)

This week we take a look at a very interesting group of Florida native plants known collectively as stoppers.  All stoppers are members of the Myrtaceae, an enormous family that also includes the genus Eucalyptus.  Some grow as shrubs and some as trees.  Each of the five described below not only has ornamental value, but also has proven to be…
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March 2, 2013 0