Sweet Almond (Aloysia virgata)

Plant lovers appreciate the vast array of fragrances encountered in tropical and subtropical species.  One of the best of them introduced to our region is the Sweet Almond, Aloysia virgata.  Its strong fragrance is optimally enjoyed at a distance from the plant, where breezes easily … Continue reading

Yesterday-Today-and-Tomorrow (Brunfelsia grandiflora)

Brunfelsia grandiflora is a member of the Solanaceae Family, which its most recognizable member is the Tomato Plant.  Its common name, Yesterday-Today-and-Tomorrow, is aptly named, as its flowers start out purple, fading to pale lavender, and then to white over … Continue reading

Ficus microcarpa (Green Island Ficus)

In our part of the world, the genus Ficus has gotten a rather mixed reputation, primarily because some species have aggressive root systems than can raise sidewalks, crack foundations and clog underground pipes.  But not all of the 800 or so … Continue reading